Here I go!!

Today is the first day of the beginning of my after the Army career. For almost 15 years I have been in the U.S. Army. I have had a number of jobs in this career. Infantry, Military Police, Mechanic and the two most important husband and daddy. I do love my life as a Soldier; or as my wife calls it, my mistress. 14 years doesn’t really seem that long ago. I still remember the first plane ride to get to Fort Benning GA. for basic training and AIT.

Today I start my Personal Trainer Certification course. 15 years in the Army, I have at least 5 more before I say I’m retired. I get the chance; I’ll gladly do 15 more. I may not be getting on a plane for the first time out of Cleveland Airport, but I am taking another flight into a little different territory.

15 years multiplied by 5 times a week of PT subtract leave time, Deployments; ugh! Algebra already? Looks like I need to get started, been waiting to start this all day. Here I go Anatomy, Physiology and Certified Fitness Trainer.


Back into the U.S.A I am

Been a very busy time lately. We have celebrated the holidays in the middle of a Military move. I got to my new Unit, trained, went to JRTC and preparing for another deployment. That is just a proportion of things for the new year. After a 3 year volunteer tour to South Korea and being assigned to the DMZ. No longer “In Front Of Them All”, I now “Climb To Glory” in New York, my wife’s home state.

Our son Michael is now 6 and a kindergarden graduate. My wife (House Hold 6) is on a new business adventure and I an starting my personal trainer certification, in just days. Enjoy the things to come.

another special guest tour

  This weekend we had some special guests to entertaining us here. It was another one of our small, intimate shows. We laughed at and with them, and of course since we are so small, the joke was on us too. We got thanked for our service and a “Damn” this is it? How can you not get used to, “I didn’t know you guys are so close”.

  I have been blessed in my career. I have been fortunate to be in some small units and in some small places. As we all applaud our guests, they smile and thank us, again for our service.  A pleasant end to a descent day.

What Christmas means to me…

Christmas means to me a time to remember, to slow down life and cherish my family. To enjoy the basic things life has to offer. It’s a time to stop and reflect on an innocent child that was born so long ago and how many hearts he changed through his thoughts and his actions.  Christmas to me is not cards, gifts and tree trimmings; it’s about family and remembrance.